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Akron Criminal Lawyer

Appellate Cases

Appealing Cases at Both the State and Federal Level

Appealing a case is a very labor-intensive process that involves a variety of factors including research beyond the facts of the original case, a very specialized knowledge of the law, and the ability to articulate clearly to judges.

As a result, there are few attorneys who are willing or able to do appellate work. can be used as a tool to help find an appellate lawyer who can handle your case.

Clients Deserve a Personalized Experience

Appellate trials are tough work.  Make sure to find a lawyer who is going to work on your case personally.  Appealing a ruling made in a lower court often means trying in a different court. Your attorney should be versatile and able to handle state and federal courts.

Attorney VanHo believes that one of the key ingredients to success in appellate work is detailed knowledge of the client, case, and law. Unlike larger firms with hundreds of clients, Attorney Adam VanHo believes that clients deserve a personalized experience. Your case won’t be passed on to another attorney or paralegal. He will give your case the attention it deserves.

Restore Your Confidence in the Legal System

Before choosing an attorney, make sure to do your research.  Find a lawyer with experience in the area for the crime in which you were arrested.