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Impersonating a Police Officer in Akron

Impersonating a police officer is an enormous crime and rarely a wise move, as Akron man Allen Grier found out for himself. Grier had been a wanted fugitive for stealing materials from Tractor Supply Co. when police asked him to identify himsel...
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Akron Police Respond to Reports of Burglaries

On August 28, the Akron Police Department released a list of burglaries that they were currently investigating. The department asked people with any knowledge of the cases to call detectives. They also stated that anonymous tips could actually ...
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String of Recent Arrests Including Weapons Charges and Vandalism

Crime in Akron, Ohio is at it’s constant pace with the recent string of arrest police have made.  Police commented that they recently arrested a man near Penfield Avenue.  The man, aged 33, was charged with the following:  ...
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Police Officer Suspended After Shooting a Driver

During a routine traffic stop in Akron Ohio on May 16, 2013, a 64-year old man was shot a killed by the University of Akron police officer that stopped his vehicle. The driver was reported carrying a loaded firearm and pointed it at the police ...
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