On August 28, the Akron Police Department released a list of burglaries that they were currently investigating. The department asked people with any knowledge of the cases to call detectives. They also stated that anonymous tips could actually be made online.

Police noted that there was a burglary on Akers Avenue on August 23. Someone had forced the rear door to gain entry and then took a television along with the receiver box for the television set. On that same day, someone took a television set after entering through an unlocked window on the 100 block of Annadale Avenue. While both crimes involved stolen television sets, there is nothing to really connect the two thus far.

Sometime between August 24-25 suspects burglarized a home on Hurlburt Avenue. They removed the screen from an open window so that they could gain entry. They then stole a laptop as well as a video game console unit. Consumer electronics can easily be exchanged into cash, which makes them attractive for thieves who need to receive funds very quickly.

Police also reported a fairly strange crime around the same time line. At the University of Akron, someone broke a window to gain entry. However, they only stole $10. There were no further reports, but one might wonder if the money was left out in plain sight.

Police reported that at sometime from August 22-27 someone forced entry through a fence at a residence on the 800 block of South Arlington Street. They forced a container open, and stole automotive parts. During that same time frame someone entered a vacant home at the 1300 block of Bellow Street.

They took a refrigerator and some copper pipe. Copper has a high value, and criminals can usually exchange it into cash by selling it to scrap metal dealers. Some scrap dealers are starting to be more stringent about checking where metal is acquired from as a result.

Police were actually able to apprehend suspects in one case. On August 27, police responded to a call out on the 1200 block of Lakeshore Boulevard. They noticed that someone had forced a basement door open to gain entry. However, officers were able to arrest the suspects before anything was taken.