Crime in Akron, Ohio is at it’s constant pace with the recent string of arrest police have made.  Police commented that they recently arrested a man near Penfield Avenue.  The man, aged 33, was charged with the following:  carrying a concealed weapon, possessing a dangerous ordnance, having weapons under disability, possessing a defaced fire arm, and tampering with evidence.  Police said that the man was apparently trying to sell a sawed-off shot gun to another man.  When he spotted police, he abandoned his plans and threw the gun in the bushes.  Police caught up with him, and he was placed under arrest.  When the Police got the gun, the serial number was defaced and unreadable. 

Another police then spoke about a 19 year old boy, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and tampering with evidence.  The officer said he threw a handgun into the middle of the intersection, and ran to a house a little further away.  Police found him at the house hiding in a closet.  With these arrest, especially at such a young age, Police are worried about what crimes might come next while they’re on the job.  Another officer commented how he had arrested a man for domestic violence.  The man had grabbed a woman around the throat, pushed her to the floor, and proceeded to punch her in the stomach.

Other crimes in Akron have Police more worried about the citizens then themselves.  On June 17th it was reported that someone had smeared feces on a car window.  A witness had seen two suspects running from the scene.  Other crimes such as identity theft, burglaries, and especially assaults are raging in Akron, putting citizens in danger.  Police stated a man was arrested for punching another man and then allegedly trying to run him over with his car.  Crimes like these can be a danger those people who are innocent and abide by the law.  Akron’s police force is working their hardest to stop these crimes, today.